Copper Mountain

Gisborne was awarded the Installation of the largest Crusher in North America.

Our services include construction management, general contracting & sub-contracting in the industrial sector

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CGT Industrial

Gisborne entered into a partnership with Clark Builders and Tarpon Energy Services to form CGT Industrial located in Edmonton, Alberta. By combining the in-house specialities of all three companies, CGT provides its clients the convenience of working with one company with execution in multiple disciplines. CGT manages the entire process of new construction through to completion as well as maintenance and servicing. For projects that require a broad range of services, CGT offers civil, carpentry, concrete, mechanical, ironwork – structural, piping, fire protection, electrical and instrumentation expertise. For more information, please visit.


Construction of the modular fire protection building.

We provide design, installation, service & maintenance in industrial, commercial, institutional,  & residential sectors

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